About - Sara Kelley

My journey into the world of photography began in January 2013 using a 35 mm camera and a darkroom. I "officially" began using digital seriously in April 2013. I bought my first ever point and shoot in 2009 during my Junior year in high school. I always liked capturing moments with friends, but never considered taking photography to a new level until my third year of college. I was originally an Early Childhood major at Bridgewater State University. Over the course of three years, I finally came to the conclusion and admitted that I was in the wrong major and needed to make drastic changes in my life in order to overcome my depression. I switched to a Photography major and have never been more happy.

I have accomplished many great things early on in my career that I am proud of, from being featured in several showcases and publications, gaining my Bachelor's degree, and being selected for the National Conference of Undergraduate Research in Photography at my University.

In 2017 I was accepted into Graduate School at Webster University, as well as into a Certificate Program at Sessions College for a degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications. I have been diligently working towards my degree in Advertising & Marketing, and continue to enjoy my love of the Arts in a new and directive nature.

I am the co-founder and curator of No Sleep New York and Lights Out Los Angeles, two art curation accounts that can be seen on instagram and through our website, www.nosleepnewyork.com. There, artists from all over the world submit their work to our network to be featured on our pages. We are currently building our website with many new and exciting features, such as our Artist of the Month interviews.

I am also a Jewelry Designer, and have actually been designing jewelry since I was twelve years old, long before I even discovered my initial love for Photography! I have backgrounds in various other artistic fields as well, such as Graphic Design. You will find many different pieces of mine of various mediums here on my website.

I am grateful every single day and feel blessed to live my life to its fullest. Thank you so much for your interest in my work, my growth as an Artist, and your continued support of my passion.

-Sara Kelley

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